Have You Outgrown Your Web Hosting Provider?

When a website grows, so does the web hosting resources. Web hosting should be capable of keeping up with the website requirements.

Here are signs you should take into consideration to ascertain whether the web hosting plan is helping your business grow. If not, the business has outgrown the web hosting capabilities and you should consider a company that offers services with more options.

1. Performance of the website
The performance of the website is influenced by the server’s RAM. If your website is extremely slow (especially during peak times), it’s time to consider an alternative option. This is because the server’s RAM will drain its resources overtime.
Some websites use up more resources than others which makes other websites experience slower performance. If you are using a shared server and this happens, you should consider upgrading to a hosting platform that does not involve other clients e.g VPS hosting.
2. Visitor traffic
If you are experiencing increased traffic daily, you should consider upgrading the hosting plan. Increased traffic which is unmanageable shows that web hosting has been outgrown.
It’s always a good sign if the website is growing; a powerful hosting server is also important to support that growth.
3. Advanced customization is deemed necessary
Businesses can grow so much that they need complete control of the server. Some web hosting servers may only be limited to the basic settings.
You should consider other options if the current web hosting plan cannot provide advanced customization required by your business for an improved user experience.
4. The hosting no longer provides value for money
Web hosting should enhance the value for money by ensuring your requirements are sufficed properly. If it can no longer fulfill this, its time for you to upgrade to a dedicated server.
5. Email capacity
A web host should keep up with email hosting requirements. If the web host cannot cater to necessity, the business will have outgrown the current hosting requirements.
6. Confidential data
When a client starts to deal with confidential data, they will need a server upgrade that offer more security features. Isolating website data minimizes unauthorized access to the server. A shared host may not provide this.
These are some of the major signs you should use to ascertain whether the demands of your business website require an updated server.