SEO and Online Marketing Tips

Admit it. You’d love to see your posts on page one of the search engines, and all ranking for their primary keywords. But it’s not going to happen if you keep doing everything wrong. When it comes to optimizing for search, you need to play by the rules. You’d get your fingers burned if you don’t. Do you want to know these guidelines? These best practices? Check out 5 of them.
1. Go For Long Tail Keywords
And no I don’t mean those with more words. Long tail keywords are those with low search competition. If everyone is developing content on a particular keyword, it’s not long tail. How do you find them?
2 Ways To Get Long Tail Keywords
• Related Searches-It’s a function at the bottom of every Google search page. So if your main keyword is “link building,” at the bottom of that search page, you should see “Searches related to link building.” That’s where Google buries the low competition keywords.
• Forums-Whatever niche you belong to online, there’s a forum for you. Internet marketing, dating, dieting, you name it. And people ask questions on forums. Those questions should give you ideas and the fresh(long tail) keywords you need. So how do you use them?